June 2017 – Stieg Larsson

Following the trail of late author Stieg Larsson, from his work with Expo, all the way back to his childhood home in the deep woods of northern Sweden, Norsjö.



May 2017 – Mediabruket

Shooting a series of short documentaries, bringing light into the growing phenomenon of fatigue syndrome among teenagers and young adults. Produced by Mediabruket, commissioned by SVT, premiering September 2017.


April 2017 – Atmo

Shooting a project for Atmo, commissioned  by Swedish Vårdförbundet. Directed by Tarik Saleh, Marianne Gustavsson and Lisa Belfrage.


March 2017 – Lucky Day documentary

What’s the price of love? Shooting a new documentary project for Lucky Day Production, with Ali  from Turkey, who moved to Stenungssund when he found the woman of his life. Now they have a little baby together and he’s trying to learn Swedish language, food and culture and most of all, trying to get a job so he can become himself again.


Feb 2017 – India

Following the Scandinavian bank Nordea’s Sasja Beslik to India, in his work with developing green banking and sustainable finance. His mission is to show it’s actually possible, and he won’t stop until he has the financial world’s full attention. A Film And Tell production.



Dec 2016 – North Dakota

Traveling to Standing Rock reservation, meeting the Sioux Tribe and documenting voices regarding the highly criticised oil pipeline project DAPL, Dakota Access Pipe Line. Part of a new documentary film project by Oscar Hedin for Film And Tell.


24 Nov 2016 – Silver award for ”Utmaningen”

The film “Utmaningen/The Challenge” awarded with two silver at the annual Spinn gala, Sweden’s biggest competition for best PR-campaign 2016.


28 Oct 2016 – Premiere “Drömmar och fotografi”

Airing tonight on Swedish Television, the documentary “Dreams and photography” on still photographer and artist Lovisa Ringborg.
Produced by SVT and directed by Bengt Bok


27 Oct 2016 – Premiere “Afrika med bruten nacke”

He hit a rock and broke his neck. This is the documentary on Claes Hultling, a physician who dived into the water two weeks before his marriage and became paralyzed from his chest down. Now he wants to export his know-how and skills to help his wounded brothers and sisters in Africa. It is his biggest challenge ever. Airing at SVT2 20.00. Commissioned by Swedish Television and produced/directed by Folke Ryden.

DSCF3348 kopia copyDSCF3244 kopia copy

Oct 2016 – Kramfors documentary

Starting shooting a new documentary project for SVT, directed by Karin Swärd

June 2016 – Abisko

Filming with Mediabruket in Abisko Nationalpark.


May 2016 – Rome and New York

Following Cajsa von Ziepel to Rome and New York, for the SVT documentary project on her life and work as an artist. Directed by Monica Anjefeldt, produced by Swedish Television

DSCF3949 kopia 2DSCF4227 kopia 2

March 2016 – Launching “Utmaningen”

Premiere for the film Utmaningen/The Challenge produced by ATMO. A film commissioned by Swedish Arbetsmiljöverket, with purpose informing about new laws against stress related work place environments.


Feb 2016 – Zambia

Shooting in Zambia with director Folke Ryden and his new documentary project on Swedish MD Claes Hultling and alternative aid to the third world. A FRP production for Swedish Television, SVT

DSC02510 copyDSCF3236 kopia copyZambia 2

13 Jan 2016 – Premiering ”Gåtan Christer Pettersson”

Tv4 premier of the documentary I filmed on the main suspect murderer of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, the mysterious Christer Pettersson. Directed and produced by Kajsa Ståhl and Karin Swärd.


Jan to Feb 2016 – ATMO

Working with ATMO on the film ”Utmaningen”, for Swedish Arbetsmiljöverket, on the subject stress. What it does to us and how we can deal with it. Directed by Marianne Gustavsson, Lisa Belfrage and Tarik Saleh

IMG_3517IMG_0650 IMG_0573

Dec 2015 – Cajsa von Ziepel

Starting shooting a new documentary with director Monica Anjefeldt. We’re following the Swedish sculptur Cajsa von Ziepel in Stockholm, Trosa, New York and Rome. A production for Swedish Television, SVT.


Oct 2015 – Lovisa Ringborg documentary

Filming a new documentary with director Bengt Bok on the Swedish still photographer Lovisa Ringborg. A film production for Swedish Television.


Sept 2015 – Sarek National Park

Doing research, filming and trekking the national park of Sarek during two weeks, Moody Nature Images.


30 Aug 2015 – Award to ”Astrid”

”Astrid” awarded Best Documentary 2015 at the Kristallen ceremony.


June 2015 – Paolo Macchiarini documentary

Shooting interviews in London with director Bosse Lindqvist for the SVT documentary ”Experimenten”, revealing the truth behind the surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Premiering 13 Jan 2016.

DSCF7534 copyDSCF7577 copy

April to Aug 2015 – Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Filming the one hour documentary ”Den Fantastiska Resan” on the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and their conductor Daniel Harding, during their Italy tour. Directed by Bengt Wennehorst-Norrman and edited by Matylda Dymek for SVT


March to June 2015 – Sapmi Love

Shooting a two part documentary on the subject Sapmi love. Intimate interviews with the Sami people of Sweden, where we follow two couples preparations for their big wedding. Produced by Lisa Marie Kristensen for SVT.


23 June 2015 – Premiere for Paul Hansen documentary

Following Paul Hansen’s trails through as diverse locations such as the West Bank and Stockholm City, from teargas and violent demonstrations against the Israeli military, to the hipster mecca of Hornstull. Thomas Nordanstad’s documentary on internationally awarded press photographer Paul Hansen and his work all around the world, is premiering tonight at Swedish Television. ”Konsten att komma för sent först” with a soundtrack by Ebbot Lundberg.

Nablus 19 oktober 2013 Familjen från by Madama Olivskörd, 7 träd här, tot 40, Träd nedbrända andra stället, 30 tal Bra skörd Ahmed Qot- i gult Samid rött yngste killen Mahmoud bäst eng Mujahed - vit basebollmössa Pappa Abdullah Mamma Latifa How old is your father? Mahoud: "In his last days" (57)Nablus 19 oktober 2013 Familjen från by Madama Olivskörd, 7 träd här, tot 40, Träd nedbrända andra stället, 30 tal Bra skörd Ahmed Qot- i gult Samid rött yngste killen Mahmoud bäst eng Mujahed - vit basebollmössa Pappa Abdullah Mamma Latifa How old is your father? Mahoud: "In his last days" (57)

Jan to March 2015 – Lina Selander documentary

Shooting a documentary on the Swedish video artist Lina Selander, who represented Sweden in the Venice Biennale 2015. Directed by Monica Anjefeldt for SVT, with premiere 2 Nov 2015.


25 Dec 2014 – Premiering ”Astrid”

Launching the three part documentary ”Astrid” on the Christmas day kl.20.00 at SVT.

astrid 1astrid 2

Oct to Dec 2014 – Mina Två Liv

Filming ”Mina Två Liv”, a new series of documentaries for SVT on the subject bipolarity. Produced by SVT and directed by Ann-Linn Guillou.


Sept 2014 – James Bond villain Robert Davi

Shooting in Stockholm for the NY based production company Creative Chaos, a documentary on the american actor Robert Davi.

Aug 2014 – Baltic Sea Expedition

Sailing and filming onboard the racing boat Sea Dragon, with the research expedition Global Challenge. A Folke Ryden production for the Baltic Sea Expedition.

June 2014 – Operation Smile

Shooting in the Philippines for the NGO Operation Smile.


May to June 2014 – Ingvar Carlsson documentary

Filming ”Folkhemspojken”, the two-part documentary on Swedish ex prime minister Ingvar Carlsson, directed by Lars lampers for SVT Documentary.


April 2014 – China

Filming Universal Music’s multi awarded artist Anna Ternheim during her first China tour.

Kina 2Kina 1

Mars 2014 – Iraq assignment

Travelling Karbala, Baghdad, Hillah and Babylon for a new documentary project, produced by Folke Ryden at FRP.


31 July 2013 – National Geographic, UK

”Mission: Save The Ocean”, hosted by Sir Richard Branson, is premiering July 31 on National Geographic Channel, UK. Over the last three years MSC, WWF and Greenpeace have made great efforts to improve the conditions of the oceans, shown in this unique TV-documentary project.

Branson 2Branson 1IMG_2900

UW-filming Branson on Turtle Beach at his home on Necker Island

May to Nov 2013 – Documentary project for SVT

Shooting a documentary on Astrid Lindgren, an iconic and internationally acclaimed Swedish author. Directed by Kristina Lindstrom for Swedish Television, premiering Christmas 2014.



27 March 2013 – Award to ”Give Us The Money”

”This collection of eight films, each distinctive in tone and style, gives us parallax views of poverty today and through the ages” – Horace Newcomb, director of the Peabody Awards program

The Why Poverty project and our film Give Us The Money received the 72nd annual Peabody Award.


5 Aug 2012 – Film award

”The Mongolian Dream” awarded Best International Feature at AFI World Cinema Festival in the Hamptons, New York.

Bild 2B

Best International Feature 2012

31 March 2012 – World premiere

My documentary feature ”The Mongolian Dream”,  premiering at the 2012 Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida.

Bild 3AGasp 2

The festival wrap party

22 Jan 2012 – New documentary project
Filming a documentary for BBC and Swedish Television together with director Bosse Lindquist. ”Give Us The Money” will be one out of eight documentaries in the world wide television and media event ”Why Poverty”, reaching 500 million viewers all over the globe. The film will concentrate on the lobby activism of ONE, an organization fronted by Bono and Bob Geldof. Shooting planned to UK, USA, France, South Africa, Ethiopia and Ireland.

Etiopien 1Bosse 1

With team in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, and director Bosse Lindqvist in London.

March 2011 – Follow up filming in Mongolia

One of my last trips to the Altai mountains in the far north west of Mongolia, meeting once again with the eagle hunter Habae.

Habae 1Bild 6BA